What We Do

Connecting players to college programs is what we do!

At CSC, we know many college coaches personally and what they require on the field and off to play at their school. With our unique combination of relationships, expertise, and experience, we have proven results. Simply put, when we call, coaches pick up the phone

What We Will Do:

Free Consultation  

  • brief personal interview
  • what we need from you: game film, transcripts, test scores 
  • your desired schools considering geographic and academic preferences

Initial Assessment

Once we have that information, we will do an initial evaluation of where you are and where we believe you could be based on  

  • playing ability/performance
  • academic/curriculum/test score evaluation
  • potential 
  • map for your personal path to college football   

We Commit to a Contract 

What We Won't Do

  • mass mailings
  • email blasts
  • oversell you 
  • get offers from schools you're not interested in
  • waste coaches' time
  • waste your time

Our approach is personal, and every client is treated like an important individual.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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